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Thursday, December 24, 2009

western culture examined

We in India are in awe of Western culture .We ape them in our lifestyle and try to copy their values. From preferring a western dish at restaurant as compared to its Indian counterpart to rushing to buy the latest western brand at mall,the western culture has completely perforated our daily lives. The Indian tv shows has given way to American sitcoms on our pc's. In this age of foreign cultural bombardment of Indian youth shouldn't we really examine properly the western way of living?
I would first like to say something about the western family structure. The life is really not easy for single moms out there and college students trying to finance their loans working 10 dollars an hour in those restaurants. Young people get independent in their teens. Doesn't having a family mean to help each other when we are most vulnerable as it is done in India? Doesn't it mean to care and respect our parents in their old age which the western culture sadly lacks. The independence helps in the growth of an individual but doesn't it lead to abject selfishness.
Secondly the western arrangement of love marriages isn't all that perfect. Love is more of an impulsive feeling which doesn't take into considerations some of the factors like individual careers and family status which is so important for a stable marriage. It is no wonder that the divorce rate is so high as compared to India. Well they can marry again but what about the proper upbringing of the children they leave behind?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

my top ten books

In my last post I mentioned the top 10 pc titles. As I am an avid reader I would like to post my top 10 books list in descending order:
1.Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead(Ayn Rand)-People say these books are so influential that your life is never the same after reading them. I and millions of readers agree with you Ayn Rand that 'work is worship'.
2.Harry potter series-yes muggles and voldemort and Hogwarts and good old expeliarmus spell-If not the most infuential like Ayn Rand but certainly had most fun reading every book.
3.Murder on the orient express -Agatha Christie-great murder mystery which will keep you spellbound days after your read it.
4.The fist of God-Frederick Forsyth-gulf war saga by one of my favorite authors.
5. I ,Robot and foundation Series-Isaac Asimov-One can't forget the eternal three laws of robotics.
6.Guns of Navarone-Allistar Mcllain classic-War thriller.
7.Death on the Nile- AC-Readers do never get tired of Hercule Poirot,do they?.
8.Paths of Glory-Jeffery archer-mountaineering classic.
9.The day of jackal -another one by FF.
10.Mooncastle mystery -enid blyton and witches-Dahl-my childhood favorites.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

list of pc games I have played and my all time all category top 10 games

Here is the list of pc games in three main categories which is further subcategorised I have played uptil now; followed by my top 10 all time games-I haven't included games which I haven't completed atleast 50% (except demos) and old arcade games. I guess the number of games played ie 29 would make me an average gamer.

1.Half Life
2.Half-life 2
3.Quake 2
4.Call of duty
5.Serious Sam 2
6.Unreal Tournament
9.Counter Strike(demo)

Third Person Shooter

Tactical Shooter
GRAW(presently playing)

2.Age of empires 2-conquerors
3.Age of empires 3 demo
4.warcraft 3 (offline(60%))-frozen throne
5.Rise of nations-thrones
6.Diablo 2

world of warcraft

city building
1.Caesar 3
3.Sim city(demo)

TBS-turn based
2.Age of wonders

1.fifa 2000(offline)
4.return to mysterious island

My all time top ten games from top to bottom along with small description.
1, Unreal Tournament-never get tired of fragging bots -all time favorite.
2.Half life 2-even better than half life
3.age of empires 2 -terrific online play
4.Half life-great puzzles and environments.
5.call of duty-great war game with terrific outdoor environments on grand scale
6.civilization-4-possibly the most complex game ever made
7.Caesar 3-i spent my early years playing this game although I like very similar pharaoh better now.
8.fifa series-gonna lift it high.
9.nfs underground-breakthrough in NFS series.
10.Age of wonders-cute graphics and great gameplay / NOLF-great female spy game.

Also I would honorably mention TMNJ (ninja turtles), contra, bricks and tetris from my childhood console playing games.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

one of my favorite quotations

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover - Mark Twain, author

A self fulfilling prophecy..

A false but popular belief seems true if it is believed by majority of people. An unpopular or a new idea though strong in its potential is generally not accepted by masses and is always in danger of oblivion . Also a strong idea enforced by a strong marketing effort in advertising becomes accepted in a similar way as a self fulfilling prophecy will become true after a decent amount of time.

Things to consider before joining software company

I would like to enumerate some of the things which goes through my mind when I am about to join a software company .Firstly I would like to consider the domain where I am going to work and whether the job I am getting helps me specialize in my field each passing day. Will the technology I am going to work on and skills I am going to learn remain in demand ten years from now? Only sure way to progress in your career is to be better at something you know how to do best.Secondly I would consider what salary the company offers . Money is sure important for me. If there is an opportunity in a company to work abroad surely there is more money indirectly.Thirdly I would like to envision myself whether I would like the work which I am going to do 5 days a week 9 hrs a day.There is no point working for a company where your primary responsibility is doing quality analysis in excel sheets.Lastly I would consider the brand name of the company.

About grumbing colleagues and few indian entrepreneurs

I guess if want some more audience for my blog I have to write more . Also it is a good way to share your feelings -(getting ideas from a book Anne frank-the diary of a young girl i read recently) and as Anne says to unload her mind.
It really surprises me that people grumbles all the time when they are in a foreign country that they miss India so much,they dont want to work there and want to come back and how they miss their family. I don't feel the same because if I am abroad I will thoroughly enjoy myself,will mix up with foreign janta and enjoy the rich lifestyle. If they have to grumble so much why they have to go there in first place ;there are lot of good institutes in India itself.
Another thing that bothers me is why there are so few entrepreneurs in our country. India is booming like never before and people from all over the world would love to be here. Some reason I can guess is fear of treading on unknown path and great family pressure of stable job and then timely marriage. I know my parents wouldn't be pleased at all if I went on the path of entrepreneurship one day. India need leaders as never before and there is a wealth of opportunity for those who care to look around.
Bye for now.I will write regularly from now on i promise.